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[Closed] “Lion Heart/You Think” Girls’ Generation 5th Album

Item Info

Music Video

Lion Heart You Think

Image Previews

Taeyeon 1 Taeyeon 2 Taeyeon 3
Sunny 1 Sunny 2 Sunny 3
Tiffany 1 Tiffany 2 Tiffany 3
Hyoyeon 1 Hyoyeon 2 Hyoyeon 3
Yuri 1 Yuri 2 Yuri 3
Sooyoung 1 Sooyoung 2 Sooyoung 3
Yoona 1 Yoona 2 Yoona 3
Seohyun 1 Seohyun 2 Seohyun 3
Group 1 Group 2


  1. Lion Heart
  2. Party
  3. Fire Alarm
  4. Green Light
  5. Paradise
  6. Bump It
  7. You Think
  8. One Afternoon
  9. Show Girls (Kor. Ver.)
  10. Talk Talk
  11. Check
  12. Sign

Item Description
Two versions: Lion Heart and You Think (Different cover)
Comes with a rolled poster and 1 photocard. It is currently unknown if each version will have different posters or photocards.

Price & Shipping (SGD)

Update: If you’re thinking of buying from the international mass order by sone0805.com, please consider buying through us, as we are collecting individual orders from Singapore and the region before sending one consolidated order to them to save on shipping. If there are any winnings for the mass order from the international MO’s lucky draw, it’ll be put up on ballot.

NOTICE: Based on latest updates, there will be NO further batches of orders. Batch 2 will be the final batch.

Deposit Amount (This price excludes international shipping, which will be paid later as per our T&C):

  • Lion Heart Version
    • PayPal: $18
    • Others: $17
  • You Think Version
    • PayPal: $19
    • Others: $18

Batch 1 : Closed
Batch 2 Order Deadline: 27 August, 23:00
Batch 2 Payment Deadline: 28 August, 20:00
Estimated Shipping Time: August-September

New buyers: Please see our Terms & Conditions for buyer & refund eligibility, payment information and successful payment validation conditions.


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