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[Closed] “The Green” Libentia 1st Season Greetings

Item Info

Additional Image Previews

B5 size (257 x 182mm) , 28pg
All Unreleased Photos
All Colour

Special Gifts
Mini Calender (Card Ver.)
A2 Poster, 5 Photocards, 2 Postcards, Ballpoint pen

Note: Special gifts are subject to change without notice.

Price & Shipping (SGD)

Deposit Amount (Incl. international shipping, is based on a certain projected quantity. Any additional cost, incl. domestic shipping, will be paid later as per our T&C):

  • All: $42

Warning: Make sure you pay to the correct account for Red Velvet-related orders!

Order Deadline: 9 Nov, 23:00
Payment Deadline: 10 Nov, 20:00
Estimated Shipping Time:

Order Form: Click here (Closed)

New buyers: Please see our Terms & Conditions for buyer & refund eligibility, payment information and successful payment validation conditions.


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