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[Closed] “With Love” Soojung-a 2016 Season’s Greeting & Slogan

Item Info

Additional Image Previews

Desk Calender (150 x 230mm), about 30p
Released & unreleased photos (includes new album photos)

Suede for both sides (600 x 200mm), with zipper bag

Special Gifts
Calendar gifts: Mini DVD, 8 photocards, 4 postcards, calendar decoration sticker, A2 poster
Slogan gifts: 4 photocards, 2 postcards
Set gift: Desk mini banner (150 x 300mm)

Note: Special gifts are subject to change without notice.

Price & Shipping (SGD)

  • Calendar Only
    • PayPal: $39
    • Others: $37
  • Calendar & Slogan Set
    • PayPal: $63
    • Others: $60
  • We are not taking orders for the slogan ala-carte

Note: Make sure you pay to the correct accounts! Refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Order Deadline: 19 Nov, 23:00
Payment Deadline: 20 Nov, 20:00
Estimated Shipping Time: Early Dec

Order Form: Click here (Closed)

New buyers: Please see our Terms & Conditions for buyer & refund eligibility, payment information and successful payment validation conditions.


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