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Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 09 September 2017

Buyer Eligibility:

  • Asia, Australia, New Zealand & Friends: Everything.
  • Europe, Africa, Middle East, Americas, Pacific Ocean: Everything, although I recommend you order directly from the fansite or a mass order closer to home. That would be cheaper for you.

Payment Policy:

  • Prices listed is inclusive of Paypal Fees and EMS Shipping Fees.
  • Payment will be separated into 2 phases:
    1. Deposit payment. This amount is calculated based on a projected quantity on orders. This amount will be stated on the order post and must be received by the payment deadline. If a certain number of orders is reached, there will not be any outstanding balance. 
    2. Outstanding balance. If the projected number of orders is not reached, the actual amount is calculated after the items arrive in Singapore, based on final shipping charges. This payment should be paid together with registered postage (if you have chosen to collect via postage) or during collection.

Refer to the Estimated Final Price Chart.

Note that all prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuations, shipping cost changes, GST/VAT levies etc

Cancellation of Order & Refund Policy:

  • Condition for Refund Eligibility of Deposit Payment:
    • Proof of payment submitted. This is the only way to identify your payment.
  • Refund Amount:
    • Before payment deadline: 100% of your deposit payment will be refunded.
    • After payment deadline: Deposit Payments are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE. You will only be refunded any excess amount excluding the deposit.
  • Please send us the request via SMS, WhatsApp or Twitter (no E-Mail)
  • Some (notably Islamic) countries’ PayPals can only send but not receive payments, so the only way to refund those is via international bank transfers.
  • All charges involved in the refund will be deducted from your refund sum.


  • Collection via Meet-up and Registered Mail available. Meet-ups are held only at Hougang MRT on Sundays 2pm and/or 6pm. You’ll be informed on the meetup dates when the items that you ordered have arrived. If you are attending the meetup, please reply to confirm your attendance, at least 2 days in advance of the meet-up.
  • Refer to the Delivery Status chart to see if your order has arrived. Notifications will be sent out when they arrive.
  • Registered Mail:
    • Postage charges must be paid for by you, and will be counted into the outstanding balance.
    • Items will be mailed only on Saturdays, after the outstanding balance is paid and the proof of payment submitted.
    • Estimated domestic postage charge:
      • SGD 6-11 (Normal items & folded posters: Only available for weights usually not exceeding ~2 A4-ish photobooks. Inclusive of packaging and registered fee)
      • Larger orders will either be delivered via more expensive parcel options or by breaking up into multiple registered mails, whichever is cheaper.
      • SGD 7-9 (Rolled posters, which must be mailed separately.)
  • Your order will be forfeited with no refunds whatsoever if:
    • Meet-up collection: You went MIA and fail to RSVP for three consecutive meet-ups, you RSVP as coming but did not for three consecutive meet-ups, you did not attend a sum total of five meet-ups for any reason, or any combination of the above.
    • Registered mail: You fail to pay and/or submit proof of payment for the outstanding balance within 1.5 months after receiving our first notification (1 month for calendars). A final reminder will be sent after 1 month (2 weeks for calendars).

Contact Details:

  • SMS/WhatsApp (Do not call)
    • Girls’ Generation and f(x): (65) eight 699 one 915
    • Red Velvet, APink, Twice, WJSN: (65) nine 723 zero 251
  • Twitter: @lifelikedrama (All matters)

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